Mission Of Project ‘76

 Video Transcript:

The mission of Project ‘76 is to Digitize, Develop, and Deploy the WallBuilders Library and its resources to as many individuals, families, churches, schools, legislators, and students across America as we possibly can.   

These tools will also be used by all of the WallBuilders’ initiatives: our tens of thousands of pastors in the National Black Robe Regiment, our countless scores of legislators in our Pro-Family Legislative Network, our teachers, and so many others.


The Three “Ds” of Project ‘76 are: Digitize, Develop, and Deploy:



We want to ensure we have a digitized copy of every one of the more than 120,000 resource in the WallBuilders library, including the historical documents archive and books and artifacts.   

These documents and items must be first preserved through the digitization process by making sure we have a scanned copy or image.  But just as importantly, we must have the digital text version that can be curated and searched by any citizen to be mined for the precious facts and stories that are found within them.

By digitizing, curating, and making our library searchable, we are able to quickly and effectively bring the information and pertinent facts to bear, and we can richly and convincingly prove the truth of the influence of God and the Bible in shaping the best parts of our nation’s unique and blessed heritage and culture.


We want to further develop the technology platform and tools necessary to contain and distribute the digital library assets and resources.  These platforms will help categorize, curate, and deliver the material in multiple digital formats such as curriculum, integration into the Founders’ Bible App, and research access for individuals, policy makers, legislative experts, parents, schools, and various types of organizations

Through these platforms, we will be able to enlist, organize, and empower countless others who want to help us mine for treasure through these original source documents.


We want to deploy these resources in various formats through marketing and viral strategies to reach as much of the nation as possible.   It is in this phase that we will create the curriculum and other resources from the treasures we will be locating.  And then we can tell compelling stories and make compelling videos to reach millions of people with this lost and forgotten history.