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How to Get Involved:

Video Transcript:

Project ‘76 gives Patriots like you the opportunity to join with WallBuilders in a whole new way to help make a significant impact on our collective future.

By supporting Project ‘76, you join a special group of WallBuilders partners who truly understand the day and time in which we live, and the absolute necessity to unlock and preserve the content of this library for ours, and for future generations to come. Project ‘76 is not just a “project;” it is a grassroots movement and a team that needs you to become part of it.

The great news is the initial stages of Project ’76 have already begun.   Beginning with the creation of the Founders’ Bible and the Founders’ Bible Digital Edition, over 450 of the best articles and historical nuggets were pulled out from the WallBuilders’ Library and knowledge and encapsulated into this magnificent work.

The technical team behind Project ‘76 has also upgraded the WallBuilders Live website and dramatically improved its functionality.  And as part of that project, they have begun transcribing and better categorizing the WallBuilders Live radio and podcast shows so that we can not only attract more of an audience with Search Engine Optimization but also make the information easier to search and share.   

They have also helped us launch a brand new,  tremendously enhanced, more functional and usable website, and a new online library in preparation for the additional resources we will be able to make available through Project ‘76.  

A third very important project that is also under way is the redesign of the WallBuilders digital archive and database in order to better house, curate, and distribute the wealth of the massive amount of information currently found in the WallBuilders archives.

And these projects are just the tip of the iceberg!  They are just the beginning foundation stones of a much larger plan to help equip, empower, and inspire this generation to make a difference in our nation.

There are multiple ways you can support Project ‘76.   We want to encourage you to choose the option that works best for you.  We have designed Project ‘76 with contribution levels that can work for any individual, family, school, church, or organization.

Each level comes with its own unique benefits, and also gives access to the Project ‘76 massive digital library of resources, books, and curriculum that we are creating.

Thank you for choosing to support Project ‘76 and for making a difference for our great country not only now but also in future generations.