Defending Our Godly Heritage:

Video Transcript:

In the past, WallBuilders materials have come under fire by those secularists in our culture who do not want to see our Godly History told and re-introduced into education.  Their primary weapon is personal attack: to try to it so undermine the credibility of the author, or of and his or her research.

But by digitizing and curating the actual original sources and primary documents in the library, we are able to bring and accumulate more and more indisputable evidence that we can easily and readily be pointed to, and be provided, even to our detractors, demonstrating that we are actually quoting or drawing our conclusions directly from actual historic documents and writings.

Without these crucial primary-source references, we are exposed and left subject to simply arguing over personal interpretations or opinions rather than incontrovertible historical fact.   There is no reason in to expose our position to that type of critique if locked within our library are the very resources needed to accurately and credibly defend those positions.

The sad fact is that today we only have a minute percentage of this material readily available to us.   By digitizing, curating, and making our library searchable, we are able to quickly and effectively bring the information and pertinent facts to bear, and can richly and convincingly prove the truth of the influence of God and the Bible in shaping the best parts of our nation’s unique and blessed heritage and culture.