About Project ’76


Video Transcript:

Project ‘76 is a coalition of WallBuilders supporters and partners who have taken personal and financial initiative to help restore America’s moral, religious, and constitutional foundation.

Project ‘76 is also a grassroots movement conceived and founded by two WallBuilders’ partners, Brad Cummings and Kyle Newton.  This initiative is a partner-led and partner-funded effort to bring more resources and manpower behind the great work that WallBuilders is doing.  It provides opportunities for not only financial support for the WallBuilders’ vision but avenues of active participation by its members.

If you have been a WallBuilders supporter and have always wondered what more you can do to help your country and to help WallBuilders, Project ‘76 is that answer.  It is this same question of, “What can we do to help this great cause?” that drove Brad and Kyle to act.  Upon seeing the great need in our country to restore our forgotten Christian History and witnessing the tireless efforts of the WallBuilders team, Kyle and Brad decided they had to roll up their sleeves and help in any way possible.

Brad led the charge by conceiving of and becoming the General Editor and Publisher of the Founders’ Bible. The seeds of that project were planted during Brad’s first meeting with David in the WallBuilders library. Even though Brad has a Masters level education with over 16 units of American Church history, during that time with David and his staff, Brad came to realize that much of what he had been taught was inaccurate, or at best rather incomplete.  They left a lot out!   

The knowledge of this travesty lit a fire deep within Brad’s mind and spirit that something more had to be done.   And it was from this fire that the idea arose for The Founders’ Bible—for a single harmonized work to show the importance of how the Word of God was married directly with the Godly History and Heritage of our country.

The story of the writing, curating, illustrating, and publishing of such a large volume is a magnificent story in and of itself rich, with God’s provident hand throughout.  This Bible has touched countless lives and is making a dramatic impact in every person and church it has touched.   Brad and his team have personally invested thousands of hours and several million of dollars of their own money into the Founders’ Bible project to see it come to life and impact our country.

In late 2015, Brad reached out to Kyle to see if he would be willing to help develop The Founders’ Bible into a Digital App so that we could spread the knowledge in this resource even further.  Kyle was working with Brad on the Founders’ Bible website and other digital publishing projects and was eager and willing to take on the App project.  Not only was Kyle a fan of the Founders’ Bible but he and his wife have been long term partners with WallBuilders and Homeschooled their children in part with WallBuilders resources.

By summer of 2016, all 450+ articles had been digitized, the custom artwork and visual splendor of the print version had been successfully translated to digital form, and a robust Bible app platform was ready for launch.   The digital team did a soft launch to a group of beta testers and prepped for the unveiling of the app to David and the WallBuilders team.

In September of 2016 at the meeting to unveil the app, Kyle first met David and Tim in person and also had an opportunity to see the WallBuilders Library of Historical Documents and Artifacts.  Much like Brad’s initial encounter with meeting David and his staff and touring the Library, Kyle was taken aback by the quantity and importance of the historical records found in the WallBuilders library.

During that meeting, Kyle learned that the overwhelming majority of the resources in the Library are not digitized and thus are not available in digital form to WallBuilders researchers, writers, and supporters.  And also, by these resources not being digitized, curated, or available they can’t be used for deeper study and reference to defend and assert our Godly heritage.

It has been a dream and goal of WallBuilders to have every single document in their library in a digital form where they can curate, search, and research through this massive treasure of history.  This would allow for more materials to be easily and readily made available to our legislatures, for school curriculum to be created, for more books backed by fact, additional references to be written, and so much more.   And by having the library in digital form, it can help guarantee the preservation of this material if anything were ever to happen to the originals—if they were lost due to fire, theft, or any other unforeseen act.

What Kyle and Brad discovered is that the only obstacles to these goals being achieved have simply been the financial resources to accomplish it, and the technical team to help facilitate and lead the process.   With the overwhelming importance of activating and preserving this library clearly set in their hearts and minds, they knew they had to do something.  Somehow this project had to happen.  So Brad and Kyle met and decided they needed to take action on behalf of WallBuilders.

Brad and Kyle have assembled the team, the technology, and the know-how to get this project done. Now all they need are the financial resources to accomplish it.   Even though, as faithful partners, Brad and Kyle have used their own time and money to fund the Founders’ Bible project, the scope and scale of this project far exceeds what they are able to contribute.   

We need your support.